What Is an Individualized Service Plan?

An Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is a comprehensive and customized document that coordinates and provides prior authorization for all New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (NJ DDD) services and service providers. This planning document, along with the Person-Centered Planning Tool (PCPT), are required by the NJ DDD. The goal is to ensure your loved one has access to the special support they need in order to remain healthy, safe, and a valued member of their community.

The ISP identifies your loved one’s most important goals and outlines the appropriate services to help them reach their fullest potential. As their needs or goals change, the ISP can be changed, too. The plan typically includes information about:

  • Personal preferences
  • Medical history and current medical concerns
  • Communication preferences
  • Dreams and aspirations

How Can ISP Support Coordinators Help Your Loved One with Special Needs?

This is simple – and Skylands does so much more! By guiding you and your loved one to the most effective available services in your area that match your needs and goals.

STEP 1: Your loved one takes the NJCAT to ensure they are DDD-eligible which establishes their tier and subsequent budget for services.
STEP 2: Establish a relationship with your support coordination agency that offers support in your area.
STEP 3: From there, your ISP support coordinator will work with the individual, their family, and other expert planning team members to:

Every individual deserves services that meet their specific needs. That’s why it’s important to have a support coordinator who can work directly with the individual and their family to ensure that the budget can accommodate their customized services. Your support coordinator will continually update your loved one’s ISP to ensure it remains up to date and accurate.

How to Choose the Right Support Coordination Team in NJ:

There are many support coordination agencies to choose from in New Jersey. To make the right choice for your loved one and family, look for a support coordination team that…

  • Has a reputation for providing results. Choose an agency that has received positive customer testimonials from families like yours.
  • Takes the time to get to know you and your family. This introduction shouldn’t feel rushed or impersonal. You deserve support coordination that takes a tailored approach to support services.
  • Has expert-level capacity to serve you and your family. Support coordinators should have experience writing effective ISPs to authorize services. They should also listen to you, answer your questions, respond to emergencies and check in to make sure that services are as effective as possible.

Where Do ISP Support Coordinators Provide Services?

Support coordination is available in the following NJ counties: 

The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities provides a helpful worksheet and checklist for individuals as they evaluate ISP support coordinators.

Skylands Family Support’s Proven Approach to ISP Support Coordination:

Skylands Family Support’s ISP support coordinators are dedicated to ensuring that individuals are progressing towards their goals by providing customized, family-oriented, long-term support.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate team specializes in empowering independence, inspiring individual choice, and promoting personal growth. That’s why we build long-term relationships with our families – to provide the consistency of care and support you deserve.

Your customized ISP is developed through deep collaboration between your loved one, your family, and members of their circle of support. In addition to our guidance and expertise, Skylands also provides:

  • Resources to help your loved one reach their fullest potential
  • Coordination between the individual, their family and chosen service providers
  • A commitment to ensuring your loved one’s plan is achieving its intended goals

Skylands is more than an ISP support coordination agency — we are a team of experienced professionals that you can count on and trust to make sure support services work for you and your loved ones.

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