We don’t give you a list and walk away.
We give you direction and walk with you.

Skylands provide peace of mind for your family and for over one thousand families across the state of New Jersey. Our caring team goes beyond paperwork-based support coordination. We build a strong and compassionate relationship with your family. We answer your mid-day texts. We’re there for you and your loved ones. And we build greater independence for your whole family.

Our goal is to forge a strong and meaningful connection with your family.

We know how important effective support coordination is to your family. At Skylands, we make long-term commitments to our families and ensure we provide them with only the best support coordination services. Our experienced team of support coordinators is dedicated to taking the time to get to know your family… your needs… your goals.

How Skylands Works with Families

Support – We develop a personalized and effective care strategy. 
An Individual Support Plan (ISP) outlines personal preferences, medical history and other essential information. Skylands takes a comprehensive and compassionate approach to develop your loved one’s personalized plan. With the participation of your loved one, your family and members of your circle of support, we turn your ISP into a living document that helps you achieve your goals.

Resources –  We connect you to the services that make a difference.
Your family deserves specific and unique resources to ensure your loved one thrives and achieves their goals.  We identify these resources to fulfill the needs of your loved one and family in the community that helps them realize their fullest potential.

Coordination – We customize your support care.
There are many services and programs that can be incorporated into your loved one’s life, depending on their preferences, needs and dreams. We cultivate select services and support for your loved one so they have resources that work for their individual needs.

Personalization and updates – We deliver real peace of mind.
We analyze every support relationship to ensure that your loved one’s plan is being followed, that the outcomes they have chosen are being achieved, and that their health and safety are always prioritized. We also maintain and update an individual’s information to meet eligibility and funding requirements.

To qualify for New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities services, you must:

  • Be a New Jersey Resident
  • Be 21 years old or older for service eligibility
  • Live in your own home or with your family
  • Be enrolled in Medicaid and DDD
  • Meet functional criteria determined by DDD
  • Have completed the NJCAT

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